Welcome to Generations!

Generations is a family care finder service based in Victoria, British Columbia. Our focus is to assist you in the search for personal, family or employee care. We cater to a variety of family configurations as well as singles and seniors looking for care for themselves or family members. Outside of the family we also help businesses that are looking to incorporate a special service for their employees. For instance, if you are:

Single and have an aging parent who needs home support, we can help you find it.

Would like to have a live-in caregiver to help look after the children , we can help you contact one.

Require a day care that can meet the special needs of your child, eg. peanut free daycare, we can help you find it.

Maternity doctors, optometrists, dentists, home support, assisted living facilities or specialists; the list is endless.

Helping You Find The Family Care You Need

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